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LISTEN: Sept 28 Service

October 12, 2014
"Belonging to Something Sacred"
- Rev Eve Stevens
Come celebrate our members who have been at UUCU for twenty-five and fifty years and warmly welcome our newest members. Rev Eve will address what it means to belong to a religious community and how this kind of belonging differs from clubs and secular organizations.
- Piano, Bob Ford

October 19, 2014 "Celebrating the Islamic New Year in a Time of Unrest"
- Rev Eve Stevens

Newspapers, radio and TV news tell us daily about the brutality and hatred of the so called, "Islamic State." During this service we will sit with our fear and our questions even as we open our hearts to the celebration Hijra, the Prophet Muhammad's migration from Mecca to Medina and the lessons of hope the Islamic New Year offers.
- Piano, Monk Rowe

October 26, 2014
UU Fall Cluster Service at Little Falls UU

Guest Speaker:
Reverend Guy LaMothe from Watertown, NY


"A church where people with many different beliefs come together,
in faith & pursuit of social justice. ~ All are welcome!"

We are a caring, family friendly, inter-generational Unitarian Universalist community.
We welcome all families & friends of the greater Mohawk Valley... and beyond!

UU of Utica was proudly established in 1826. Our current home was developed in 1978 supporting our vision of energy efficiency with plenty of room for future growth...

We strive to...
Provide a non-creedal religious community,
with a caring, supportive environment.
Provide an atmosphere for individual spiritual exploration & a forum for open discussion of values, ethics and beliefs.
Continue the tradition of a free & untrammeled pulpit.
Provide liberal religious education for all ages.
Celebrate our unique individuality & rich diversity.
Take actions to honor, value & nurture the interdependent web of life.
To extend our Unitarian Universalist values in our community.