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Sundays 10:30-11:30 am...
A hospitality hour is held each week after service


"For the Beauty of The Earth"

May 17, 2015 “A Steward of a Very Small Piece of the Earth.”
Janet Allen, PhD, Co-founder and president of Habitat Gardening in Central New York A chapter of the national organization Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes, an education and advocacy organization. In addition to providing habitat for wildlife, a habitat garden can reconnect us with nature. It also can be an important part of a sustainable, joyful lifestyle that will help meet the environmental challenges we face as we strive to leave the legacy of a living planet to future generations.

May 24, 2015. "Meandering With the Mystery of Being through Native American Religions"
Rev. Timothy Behrendt. An exploration of some of the beautiful essences in the religions of America's indigenous peoples. Music by Harp and Harmony.

May 31, 2015. “The Role of the Hindu Religion in Maintaining Culture.”
Sagar Rijal, Program Coordinator of the Association of Hindu Society of Utica. Originally from Bhutan, Sagar and his family came to Utica as refugees about five years ago after living in Nepali refugee camps for almost 20 years. His father, Ganga Rijal, is a Hindu priest and is active in performing Hindu rituals and worship in Utica and other cities in the region. Sagar will introduce some of the most important Hindu rituals.


"A church where people with many different beliefs come together,
in faith & pursuit of social justice. ~ All are welcome!"

 We are a caring, family friendly, inter-generational Unitarian Universalist community.
WWe welcome all families & friends of the greater Mohawk Valley... and beyond!

UU of Utica was proudly established in 1826. Our current home was developed in 1978 supporting our vision of energy efficiency with plenty of room for future growth... /p>

We strive to...
Provide a non-creedal religious community,
with a caring, supportive environment.
Provide an atmosphere for individual spiritual exploration & a forum for open discussion of values, ethics and beliefs.
Continue the tradition of a free & untrammeled pulpit.
Provide liberal religious education for all ages.
Celebrate our unique individuality & rich diversity.
Take actions to honor, value & nurture the interdependent web of life.
To extend our Unitarian Universalist values in our community.

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