Toe tentatively dipping in water

I am so happy that you are considering becoming part of our church. Reading our website is a tiny first step, a toe in the water, so to speak, but as long as you are already here, please allow me to welcome you into our community. Community is central to who we are. A church is not built of walls and a roof, of hymnals and chairs, or of a website and newsletters. A church is the people who come together because they know in their hearts that being together matters. You will feel this when you take the plunge and walk through our doors. As we gather for a Sunday morning service, the room is far from quiet. We catch up with one another, greet each other with warm smiles and a touch on the arm, and it is not easy to hear the gathering music over the general din. Chimes call us into the space, into our seats, and into the moment at which our sense of togetherness extends into the service.

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