Poverty in America

The growth of inequity does not happen by accident.  Our principles compel us to respond to economic injustice and advocate for those harmed by inequity.  We at UU Utica are called to partner with social justice groups on joint actions to alleviate extreme pockets of poverty and to create opportunities to help those in poverty become … read more.

UU Utica Responds to Cornhill Shooting and Rally

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Utica was invited to a rally held by ICAN (Integrated Community Alternatives Network https://ican.family/programs/ ) and SNUG (“guns” spelled backwards < https://ican.family/search?q=SNUG>) in response to the most recent gun death in Cornhill.

The Neighborhood Pastor says, “I’m tired of burying young … read more.

UU Utica Earns Honor Certificate

Every year, each congregation in the Unitarian Universalist Association is asked to give a financial contribution to support the wider movement and sibling congregations across our Association. This contribution supports the Annual Program Fund, which is the single largest source of income for the
work of … read more.

Sunday Zoom Services

Internet instability has affected our Sunday Zoom services in the past few weeks. Our tech team is going somewhat crazy trying to track down why this is happening on Sunday mornings. We have been actively testing different parts of our internet chain. Hopefully this week’s … read more.

Norman Rockwell Tour

Our Norman Rockwell Gallery tour with Pratt/MWP Professor and UUUtica member Daniel Buckingham was a great success. 20 of us also appreciated Daniel’s in-depth lunchtime pre talk at the church.

We’re planning another event with Professor Buckingham later this year. Dan is particularly exited about an … read more.

UU Utica Participates in NYS Fair Pride Event

UU Utica members attended the New York State Fair’s Pride Day Celebration on Friday, August 26.  Roz Kearny and Carol Gable went to represent UU Utica in the Rainbow Tent with other organizations such as SAGE, YWCA, Planned Parenthood, All Saints Parish, etc.  Good conversations … read more.


We’re excited to share that the Utica ACIM group is hosting a very inspiring concert by international award winning artist Neda Boin!  The concert will be preceded by an Ice Cream Social and you, of course, are invited!  If you don’t know Neda yet, I’m … read more.