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R.E. Registration Form
Ages 4-13

Child-care is offered for toddlers during the service as needed.
"Borrow Bags" w/ books & "quiet" toys are available for kids attending service w/ their families.

Our Youth Group
Ages 14-18

Children's Religious Education (RE)

Come check out our "Way Cool Sunday School!"

Held during Sunday services throughout the school year

Our Children's Religious Eduction program consists of four elements


"I wonder ...?"
We encourage independent thinking through wondering questions within a structured classroom. Our program creates a community for the children emphasizing the sense of WONDER and the mystery of life.

Classes strive to define the core aspects of worship, religious/spiritual education and faith in action. Topics discussed and wondered about include World Religions, tolerance, dignity, peace, meaning, caring for the earth & the beings on it, and many other thought provoking topics...

Classes engage in eight areas:

1. Promise stories
2. Sources and Traditions
3. Stories of Mystery
4. Beginnings and Endings
5. Sacred Places
6. Spiritual Practices
7. Liturgical (Worship) Practices
8. Unitarian Universalist History


During child-care & Religious Education Classes we have made it mandatory two adults are present at all times. Background checks have been conducted on all staff and volunteers prior to allowing anyone to work with the children. Adult volunteers must be present in all RE Classes & during child-care. See the Safe Congregation Policy.

Change Jar
Our youth look forward to filling their change jar! It gives them the opportunity to be a part of helping their community. All monies collected are donated to charities the kids choose together.