Speaker: Rev. Karen Brammer

Comfort and Challenge

Living as well as possible in this stressful, challenging world may require practice becoming more comfortable with the unpredictable, unreliable, and the unknown. At least comfortable enough to choose the next right thing. We’ll learn from each other and some ancient sources.

Ingathering and Water Ritual

Water is central to life and sacred. Ingathering invites all who yearn for spiritual and religious integrity and freedom, and those who have returned after being away for the summer to gather again. Many of us bring a sample of water from an important place … read more.

Lessons of the Labyrinth

This service will focus on Lessons of the Labyrinth, an ancient circular shape containing a spiraling pattern that switches direction but always leads to the center. It is used for prayer, contemplation and opening oneself.

Jumping Mouse

This service will focus on a story called “Jumping Mouse” from Seven Arrows by Hyemeyohsts Storm, A Cheyenne born into captivity in 1935. Rev Karen Brammer returns to this book as it is like a prism to see oneself in different ways over time, with … read more.

Empty Hands

If we hold our busy hands as if together, they are an empty bowl, we can remember the emptiness they hold is not different from the emptiness inside the flute that becomes music.

Generational Spirituality?

Generational Differences in Spirituality? With input from elders and youth/young adults in the congregation, we’ll explore some of the dynamics.

This service will also include Chalice Lighters

The Feminine Aspect

We celebrate and explore the Feminine Aspects of life. Mother’s Day began as a movement by women to advocate for peace. The feminine aspect – across many religions – encourages us to balance what are considered male aspects. Yet when we really pay attention, that … read more.

Sources of Hope

Hope is essential yet challenging to find when it comes to seemingly intractable issues like Climate Change and Racism. What sources of hope might serve us to make a positive difference when we can, or as Joanna Macy puts it, “How to Face the Mess … read more.