Speaker: Rev. Lori Staubitz

On a Wing and a Prayer

The Geese have traveled far to come home to the North Country. We too have traveled together these last six months in an effort to bring this congregation closer to the heart and hearth of ministry. We have come far. We have far to go.

The … read more.

Diving Lessons for Spiritual Floaters

As a progressive faith tradition, we draw on many sources for truth, wisdom and guidance. However, this wide range of options sometimes keeps us on the surface of religious inquiry. Join us for worship as we delve into the realms of stages of faith development … read more.

Tree of Life

The Spirituality of Being Green- Please join us and Rev. Lori Staubitz this
Sunday for worship as we unearth the origins of “The Tree of Life” as a religious symbol and how trees have played a significant part in human spirituality as well as sustaining life … read more.

The Source of Human Good

The Rise of the Reich and World War ll challenged traditional Western theology in the 1940’s. Contemporary philosophers and theologians no longer supported traditional concepts of religion and sought to integrate scientific theory and religious thought for a whole new generation. Henry Nelson Wieman would … read more.